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About the group

The Alpina Publishing Group was founded in 1998. It includes Alpina Publisher, Alpina Non-Fiction, Alpina PRO, Alpina.Prose, Alpina.Children, and the digital division Alpina Digital.

The group's mission is to spread knowledge and create technologies that help people develop themselves and change the world for the better.

We are convinced that everyone has the need to constantly develop and acquire knowledge. That is why we strive to help our readers make their lives fuller and more interesting.

Аbout the philosophy

Each publishing division has a comprehensive approach to working with its authors. Each editorial team has book producers who support the authors: they help them to overcome psychological blocks and give advice on texts and their structure. Each publishing house provides marketing and PR support to its authors and their books, works with the media, bloggers, bookstores, and partners, organises interesting presentations and meetings with readers, and promotes books in foreign markets. Our publishing rights department works with literary agents and foreign publishers to sell the rights to publish books abroad.

The Alpina publishing group's marketing practices are up there with the best in terms of creativity. We offer our authors opportunities that they might not get with larger publishers.

Logo of Alpina Publisher

Alpina Publisher is one of the largest Russian publishing houses. It was founded in 1998. It publishes books on applied topics: business and economics, humanities and natural sciences, personal effectiveness, creativity, and raising children.

Alpina's authors include Ayn Rand, Stephen Covey, Richard Branson, Mikhail Zygar, Irina Khakamada, Maxim Ilyakhov, Malcolm Gladwell, and other popular names.

Alpina Publisher has published the top bestsellers in recent years — "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey, "I Want and Will Be" by Mikhail Labkovsky, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" by Mark Manson, "The Empire Must Die" by Mikhail Zygar, and "Write, Be Concise" by Maxim Ilyakhov and Lyudmila Sarycheva.

Alpina Publisher books are regularly included in short-lists and win prestigious awards such as "The Enlightener Prize", "Libmissiya", "Book of the Year", and "Revizor".

According to Ozon*, in 2020 6 out of 10 of the Alpina publishing group's books made it onto the list of the best-selling books in Russia in the last ten years.

Alpina publishing group's story started with the founding of Alpina Publisher. The group now includes the publishing houses Alpina Non-Fiction, Alpina PRO, Alpina.Prose, Alpina.Children, and the digital division Alpina Digital.

* Ozon is Russia's leading multi-category e-commerce platform.

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Logo of Alpina Non-Fiction

Alpina Non-Fiction is a Russian popular science publishing house, which was founded in 2008. It is part of the Alpina group. The Alpina Non-Fiction Publishing House produces the best examples of international and Russian non-fiction. Its books tackle key ideas and modern discoveries in physics, biology, astronomy, history, mathematics, anthropology, linguistics, neuroscience, and philosophy in a manageable, easy-to-read format. It also works with contemporary high-quality journalism and books on screenwriting and writing.

It was Alpina Non-Fiction that brought international stars to the Russian market. They include Carl Sagan and Victor Frankl, Stephen Pinker and Robert Sapolsky, Carl Zimmer and Steven Weinberg, Michio Kaku and Chris Hadfield, Mary Beard and Naomi Wolf, Frank Wilczek and Brian Greens, Frans de Waal and David Deutsch, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Dan Jones, Philip Zimbardo and Massimo Pigliucci, Peter Frankopan and Eugene Rogan, Karen Armstrong and Ernst Gombrich, Robert McKee and Christopher Vogler.

The Russian authors that Alpina Non-Fiction has published include scientists and scientific journalists such as Sergey Popov, Nikolay Kukushkin, Mikhail Nikitin, Alexey Semikhatov, Sergey Yastrebov, Mikhail Maizuls, Andrey Zhuravlyov, Vyacheslav Dubynin, Stanislav Drobyshevsky, Irina Yakutenko, and Svetlana Burlak. In various years, 12 books published by Alpina Non-Fiction were included in the short-list of The Enlightener Prize. Five authors went on to win the prize.

Alpina Non-Fiction books were also finalists and winners of the RAS Prize, the National Bestseller Prize, the Belyaev Prize, the NOS Prize, and the Alexander Pyatigorsky Prize.

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Logo of Alpina.Prose

Alpina.Prose was established in 2020. Its area of interest homes in on the best examples of Russian and foreign prose: the most stand-out and interesting new offerings on the market and time-tested classics published with new designs and in new translations.

Alpina.Prose's priority is building and maintaining its authors' brands. Alpina.Prose's focus is less on individual publications but on series of books by leading writers and translators. Alpina.Prose is interested in literature, not politics, and the quality of a text, not the current passing agenda.

Alpina.Prose has published series by Alexey Ivanov and Eduard Limonov, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, and books by George Orwell, Franz Kafka, Alexander Ilichevsky, Yuri Mamleev, and Lena Eltang.

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Logo of Alpina PRO

Alpina PRO helps companies and authors to use books to build their professional and intellectual information exchange — to share expertise and know-how, strengthen their knowledge-based foundation, and train and develop their employees. It offers its business audience the best practices from the top business experts and leading Russian and international companies in the form of books written by professionals for professionals.

Alpina PRO produces anniversary editions about companies and people, books about products and technologies, creates corporate libraries, publishes reprints of antique books and rarities, and prints branded editions of Alpina's bestsellers for its clients. Alpina PRO helps authors write books and offers full-cycle publishing support.

As well as publishing books, Alpina PRO produces original digital content—it releases e-books, creates landing pages, online games and other products, and releases corporate board games for children and adults.

Alpina PRO pays particular attention to producing authors and books after their publication. This involves: promoting books on- and offline, organising events, inviting authors to participate in area-specific conferences, creating videos, promoting content on social media, and PR for books and authors. Over 500 companies have published their books with Alpina PRO. They include the following major Russian and international companies: Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Bank, Rosneft, Chevron, Gazprom, Rosatom, Russian Railways, PwC, EY, KPMG, Procter & Gamble, MTS, Rostelecom, The Government of Moscow, and many others.

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Logo of Alpina.Children

Alpina.Children is a publishing project dealing with literature for children and teenagers. We publish books that spark curiosity, help young people find their calling, develop important skills, and simply allow parents to spend more time with their child. Our portfolio includes global hits and books by contemporary Russian authors.

Our authors include Masaru Ibuka, Harvey Karp, Ilya Kolmanovsky, Maria Rupasova, and many others.

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Alpina YA is for fans of Alpina Publisher's Young Adult publications.

Alpina YA books always have memorable, energetic characters, an intriguing plot, and exciting adventures. They often touch upon the main character's evolution through a difficult situation. They include themes that resonate with adolescents and reflect their experiences.

Young Adult books are of benefit to readers of all ages — after all, we grow and change throughout our lives. We make mistakes, make choices, and become better and stronger versions of our past selves.

Alpina YA projects include the bestselling books "A Pinch of Magic", "A Handful of Magic", and the trilogy "The World of Gaps".

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Logo of Alpina Digital

Alpina Digital is the digital hub of the Alpina publishing group.

It manages the Alpina.Knigi online shop, produces digital and audio versions of books for its own app (Alpina.Knigi for iOS and Android) and external platforms (LitRes, Google Play, Bookmate, Storytel, Amazon, etc.). It also oversees the work of the Alpina Digital corporate library.

Major Russian and international companies used the Alpina Digital technological platform to train their employees: Russian Railways, Gazprom, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, VTB, Kaspersky Lab, Acronis, Bayer, Rostelecom, Rosatom, and others.

The Alpina Digital corporate library is an effective and affordable solution companies can use to develop, train, and motivate their employees and also a great present for partners and co-workers. It is the largest collection of business literature in Russian and English. It is all available on an app and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and over a network. The Alpina Digital library contains more than 4000 business books from the Alpina publishing group in various formats, as well as video courses, lectures, and game-based educational content.

The Alpina Digital library offers effective solutions to a variety of business and HR challenges: developing professional skills, communicating corporate values, training employees, and raising the level of corporate culture.

Alpina Digital's clients include Sberbank, VimpelCom, Rostelecom, VTB, SIBUR, Rosatom, the corporate universities of Gazprombank and Russian Railways, and about 300 other companies.

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Logo of Alpina.Knigi

The Alpina.Knigi online shop was launched in 2000. It's a site where you can buy books from the Alpina group at the publisher's price. It is pleasant and simple to choose books, and regular customers get a discount of up to 20%. Customers that buy books on the site can download e-books versions for free.

Read reviews of the latest releases, selections on a particular theme, and interesting articles from the authors of Alpina’s bestsellers on our blog.

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If you have any questions about selecting and ordering books, write an email to the online shop at shop@alpina.ru or call +7 (800) 550-53-22.

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