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About the group

Alpina Publishing Group: Inspiring thoughtful readers for 25 years

Alpina is the largest independent publishing group in Russia.

Alpina Publishing Group was founded in 1998. It includes the publishing houses Alpina Publisher, Alpina Non-Fiction, Alpina PRO, Alpina.Prose, Alpina.Children and Alpina Digital Company, and in 2023 two more publishing houses within the group opened: Belles Lettres, focusing on contemporary foreign literature for women, and Marshmallow Books, catering to Young and New Adult genres including manga and Asian novels.

The mission of the Publishing Group is to spread knowledge and create technologies that help people develop and change the world for the better. We strive to enrich and enhance our readers’ lives.

Alexey Ilyin, CEO of Alpina Publishing Group, has been recognized as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 in the Education category

Work principles

We take a responsible approach to work on each book in the process of its creation and promotion.

The key thing is the high quality of our work: texts, design, and printing. To ensure this level of book preparation, we begin our cooperation with authors at the stage of concept discussion. For this purpose, each editorial office has book producers who give authors advice on the text and its structure, and help to remove any mental blocks. Each book is created by a project manager who oversees all editorial processes. Each publishing house provides marketing and PR-promotion of authors and their books, works with the media, bloggers, bookstores and partners, organizes vivid presentations and meetings with readers, and also promotes books in foreign markets. The rights department of the publishing house co-operates with literary agents and foreign publishers, selling the rights to publish books abroad.

Alpina Publishing Group’s marketing practices are among the best in terms of creativity and frequency of copying. We provide our authors with opportunities that cannot always be implemented in larger publishing houses.

6 out of 10 books of Alpina Publishing Group were included in the rating of the best-selling books in Russia for ten years according to Ozon in 2020.

In 2023, the Publishing Group's project "Alpina's Veranda" received the prestigious Revizor award in the “The Best Companies’ Project in Promoting Books & Reading” category.

Video about Alpina

Interview with Alexey Ilyin, co-founder and CEO of Alpina Publishing Group:

Alpina Group on social media:

Logo of Alpina Publisher

Alpina Publisher: Knowledge. Practice. Inspiration

Alpina Publisher is one of the largest Russian publishing houses, founded in 1998. It publishes books with a practical focus: on psychology and self-development, humanitarian and natural sciences, personal development, business and economics, creativity and child rearing. The publishing house sees its task as to create and support an intellectual environment that helps people in their endeavor to develop and change their lives and the world for the better. Alpina Publisher produces books aimed at learning and developing practical skills, enabling readers to broaden their understanding of the world and form their own opinions.

Among the authors of Alpina are Stephen Covey, Richard Branson, Mikhail Zygar (Recognised as a foreign agent in Russia), Irina Khakamada, Maxim Ilyakhov, Malcolm Gladwell and other iconic names.

Alpina Publishers has published major bestsellers of recent years and continues to publish bright new titles every month - Stephen Covey's “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Mark Manson's “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, Mikhail Zygar’s (Recognised as a foreign agent in Russia) “The Empire Must Die”, Maxim Ilyakhov and Lyudmila Sarycheva's “Write, Shorten”.

Books from Alpina Publishers regularly feature in shortlists and win prestigious awards such as Prosvetitel (The Enlightener Prize), Libmission, Book of the Year, Revizor, and others.

It was with the founding of Alpina Publisher that the history of the Alpina Publishing Group began.

Editor-in-Chief - Sergey Turko.

An interview with Sergei Turko, editor-in-chief of Alpina Publishers:

Interview with Irina Gusinskaya, deputy editor-in-chief of Alpina Publishers.

Alpina Publisher on social media:

Logo of Alpina Non-Fiction

Alpina Non-Fiction: Think Your Own Way!

For over 15 years, Alpina Non-Fiction (ANF), a leading Russian popular science publisher, has been dedicated to publishing modern research and scientific achievements, promoting scientific knowledge, and contributing to the development of a critical intellectual environment.

ANF brings the best examples of world and Russian non-fiction literature, covering key ideas and contemporary discoveries across a broad spectrum, including physics, biology, astronomy, history, mathematics, anthropology, linguistics, neuroscience, and philosophy, all presented in an accessible manner. The publishing house also focuses on modern high-quality journalism, as well as books on screenwriting and writing.

Among the Russian authors of Alpina Non-Fiction are such names as Sergey Popov, Alexey Ivanov, Nikolay Kukushkin, Mikhail Nikitin, Alexey Semikhatov, Mikhail Mayzuls, Andrey Zhuravlevlev, Stanislav Drobyshevsky, Irina Yakutenko, Tatiana Salakhieva-Talalal, Maria Kondratova, Svetlana Burlak, Oleg Ivik, Alexander Talal, Kamill Akhmetov and other experts.

Thanks to Alpina Non-Fiction, Russian readers have been introduced to books by international stars such as Carl Sagan and Viktor Frankl, Steven Pinker and Robert Sapolsky, Carl Zimmer and Steven Weinberg, Michio Kaku and Chris Hadfield, Mary Beard and Naomi Wolf, Frank Wilczek and Brian Green, Frans de Waal and David Deutsch, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Dan Jones, Philip Zimbardo and Massimo Pigliucci, Peter Frankopan and Eugene Rogan, Ernst Gombrich, Robert McKee and Christopher Vogler, and many others.

Over the years, 26 of the publishing house's books have been shortlisted for the Enlightener Prize, with five authors ultimately winning.

Alexei Semikhatov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, with his book “Everything That Moves: Walks through the Restless Universe from Cosmic Orbits to Quantum Fields” became the winner of the National Award “Book of the Year - 2023” in the Non-fiction category. The diploma of the winner for the preparation and publication of the book was awarded to Alpina Non-Fiction Publishing House.

Alpina Non-Fiction was awarded the Revizor professional prize in two categories—“Publishing House of the Year - 2022” and “Editor-in-Chief of the Year - 2022” for Pavel Podkosov.

Alpina Non-Fiction books were finalists and winners of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), National Bestseller, Belyaev Prize, NOS Prize, and Alexander Pyatigorsky Prize.

Founded in 2008, Alpina Non-Fiction is a member of the Alpina Publishing Group.

Editor-in-Chief: Pavel Podkosov.

Interview with Pavel Podkosov, editor-in-chief of Alpina Non-Fiction:

For updates, follow us on www.nonfiction.ru and social media:

Logo of Alpina.Prose

Alpina.Prose: Literature of Meanings

Alpina.Prose publishing house was established in 2020. Its primary focus is on showcasing the finest examples of both Russian and foreign prose: the brightest and most interesting new books on the market and time-proven classics in new designs and translations. The publishing house considers building and maintaining the author's brand to be its priority.

Alpina.Prose caters to readers seeking not just captivating plots, but primarily profound meanings and themes for contemplation.

Alpina.Prose features author series by Alexey Ivanov and Eduard Limonov, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, and editions of books by George Orwell, Franz Kafka, Alexander Ilichevsky, Yuri Mamleyev, Lena Eltang, Ekaterina Manoilo, Ragim Jafarov, and Islam Khanipayev. In 2023, the publishing house presented the series “Most Important Books of Russian Literature” - a joint launch with the Internet project Polka. These are gift editions of classic works with illustrated and detailed forewords from the Polka project.

Tatyana Solovieva, editor-in-chief, was a Revizor award finalist in the 'Editor-in-Chief of the Year' category, and Alpina.Prose won 'Publisher of the Year'.

Editor-in-Chief: Tatiana Solovieva.

Interview with Tatyana Solovieva, editor-in-chief of Alpina.Prose:

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Logo of Alpina PRO

Alpina PRO: The Book Will Speak for You

Alpina PRO, a business publishing platform, is part of the Alpina Publishing Group.

Alpina PRO assists companies and authors in fostering professional intellectual dialogue through literature in order to share experience and knowledge, strengthen expert positioning, train and develop employees. The publisher exposes the business community to best practices from top experts and leading global companies with books written by professionals for professionals.

Alpina PRO creates anniversary editions about companies and people, books about products and technologies, forms corporate libraries, publishes reprints of antique books and bibliographic rarities, prints branded copies of Alpina's bestsellers for clients. Alpina PRO helps authors with writing books and provides full-cycle publishing support.

Beyond traditional publishing, Alpina PRO offers digital content, including e-books, landing pages, and other products, as well as corporate board games for all ages.

The publishing house pays special attention to the promotion of authors and books after they go out of print: offline and online promotion of books, organization of events, participation of authors in profile conferences, creation of videos, promotion in social networks, PR-promotion of books and authors. More than 500 companies have published their books with Alpina PRO. Among them are leading Russian and international companies: Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Bank, Rosneft, Gazprom, Rosatom, Lukoil, Russian Post, Ankor, AmoCRM, Lanit, Russian Railways, MTS, Rostelecom, Moscow Government, Yandex and many others.

Alpina PRO produces an exclusive series "Sber's Library", which contains the best books on leadership, technology, the world's largest companies, personal effectiveness and many others, selected personally by German Gref.

Editor-in-Chief: Maria Sultanova.

For updates, follow us on альпинапро.рф and social media:

Logo of Alpina.Children

Alpina.Kids: For Clear Parenting and Vivid Childhood

Alpina.Kids offers a diverse range of books for children, teens, and parents, designed to awaken curiosity and foster essential life skills. The Alpina.Kids portfolio includes books by practicing psychologists, popularizers of science, and experts in the development of critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

The mission of the publishing house is to simplify parenting and enrich childhood experiences. Therefore, all books are created with love for quality communication and joint leisure of children and parents. Through reading, they aim to instill fundamental human values from an early age, such as tolerance, kindness, empathy, honesty, generosity, conflict resolution, and respect for personal boundaries.

Editor-in-Chief: Lana Bogomaz.

An interview with the editor-in-chief of Alpina Children: PROCHTENIE

For updates, follow us on www.alpina.ru and on social media:

Логотип Бель Летр

Belles Lettres: Rush to Feel

New publishing house within the Alpina Group

Belles Lettres is a vibrant new publishing house dedicated to contemporary literature that celebrates women, portraying their challenges and triumphs in the broadest spectrum of experiences. Our publications feature courageous heroines facing life's challenges, who may sometimes falter but ultimately find the strength to persevere. The novels tackle relevant and complex issues, including emancipation, women’s roles in contemporary society, mental health, and family dynamics. We are redefining the genre of women's literature, offering our readers a thought-provoking escape with every book.

The books of the publishing house often raise acute and even taboo topics that are not yet fully realized and reflexed by society. Our readers will recognise themselves in the heroines of Belles Lettres, and their stories can inspire positive changes in life.

The main genres we explore include historical novels, psychological prose, and mood-boosting 'Feelgood' books.

Editor-in-Chief: Yana Gretsova.

Interview with Yana Gretsova, editor-in-chief of Belles Lettres

For updates, follow us on www.belleslettres.ru and on social media:

Marshmallow Books

Marshmallow Books, a recent addition to the Alpina Group, specializes in publishing a diverse range of genres for Young and New Adult audiences, including romance, fantasy, magical realism, science fiction, contemporary thriller, horror, manga, and Asian novels.


- Fosters a safe environment for authenticity and self-expression.
- Crafts stories that enhance the spectrum of emotional intelligence.
- Aims at readers looking to contribute positively to the world, even if in small ways.
- Offers content as engaging and immersive as a beloved TV series.

Marshmallow Books resonates with its audience by addressing common challenges such as navigating separation, defining oneself, coping with modern societal pressures, confronting abuse and bullying, dealing with exclusion, professional identity, and navigating early romantic relationships and their complexities.

Our motto is ’By our kind for our kind’. We share the readers' principles and believe in the same things with them. We are familiar with their problems: the difficulties of separation and self-determination, choosing a personal place in modern reality, counteracting the abusive behavior and bullying, feelings of rejection, finding oneself in the professional sphere, first relationships and the pain they can bring.

Publishing team:

Publisher: Lana Bogomaz.

General Producer: Tata Anastasyan.

Editor-in-Chief: Anastasia Dyachenko.

Follow us on social media:

Логотип Alpina Digital

Alpina Digital Company

Alpina Digital is the digital powerhouse of the Alpina Publishing Group.

Alpina Digital serves as the technological hub of the Alpina Publishing Group, overseeing the Alpina.Books online store and producing digital and audio versions of books. The company also supports the broader Alpina Digital educational ecosystem for internal (the Alpina.Books app for iOS and Android) and external platforms (LitRes, Bookmate, Yandex.Music, etc.), and ensures the operation of the Alpina Digital educational ecosystem.

Логотип Альпина.Книги

Alpina.Books Online Store

Alpina.Books online store is the place where you can buy Alpina Group’s books at publisher's prices, without commissions from shops and marketplaces.

The Alpina.Books online store, launched in 2000, offers direct access to Alpina's titles at publisher prices, bypassing retail commissions. The platform features an extensive catalog of over 5000 titles, including electronic and audio books, sample chapters, and studio images. Customers benefit from a comprehensive discount and bonus system, with free delivery nationwide.

For curated recommendations, the store maintains a dedicated blog and author newsletters.

Jump to the store's website. For inquiries or corporate orders, contact us on shop@alpina.ru or call +7 (800) 550-53-22.

Alpina Digital Audio Projects

Alpina Digital’s audio department brings to life the written word, with a portfolio of over 1000 audiobooks. Notable titles include “Atlas Shrugged,” “Man’s Search for Meaning,” “The Intelligent Investor,” and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” Standout audio projects feature multiple narrators, innovative sound design, and AI-voiced audiobooks, enhancing the listening experience. While 86 audiobooks utilize artificial intelligence for narration, the majority feature professional voice actors, including renowned Russian narrators and Alpina authors.

Digital Distribution

Digital platforms significantly contribute to the distribution, promotion, and support of our publishing house's titles. Alpina Digital Distribution specializes in ensuring our electronic and audiobooks reach audiences worldwide through strategic placement and marketing.

We partner with a diverse range of digital platforms, including but not limited to Litres, MyBook, Stroki, Bookmate, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Market, Beeline Books, Patefon, Book Aloud, Amazon, Loudbook, Wildberries, Google Books, Apple Books, and Bookwire. This extensive network allows us to cater to various reader preferences and habits, ensuring our content is accessible and engaging across different mediums and formats.

Alpina Digital Corporate Training System

The Alpina Digital Corporate Training System offers a comprehensive suite of digital tools for the professional development of employees. This modern solution supports learning in a digital environment, ideal for today's fast-paced corporate settings.

— Alpina Digital Corporate Library: Boasting the largest collection of business literature in Russian and English, available through a user-friendly app on iOS, Android, and the web. This library encompasses over 11,000 business books, video courses, lectures, and interactive training content.

— Alpina.Lab: An educational platform offering a variety of soft skills courses, assessments, webinars, and personalized training paths for individuals or groups.

— Alpina.Lectorium: A resource for online meetings and webinars hosted by leading business speakers and Alpina authors. With a commitment to continual learning, we offer 10 new expert webinars monthly.

Alpina Digital serves as a versatile resource for addressing a range of business and HR objectives, including skill development, corporate value dissemination, employee training, and cultural enhancement. Our platform is trusted by major Russian and international corporations like Russian Railways, Gazprom, Alfa-Bank, VTB, Kaspersky Lab, Rostelecom, and Rosatom, among over 300 others.

Learn more about the ecosystem: https://alpinadigital.ru/files/eco_alpinadigital.pdf.

For updates, follow www.alpinadigital.ru and social media:


Alpina.Academy represents the pinnacle of online professional development, crafted by the seasoned Alpina Digital team from Alpina Publishing Group. Our platform is a result of over 25 years of close collaboration with a vibrant community of authors, experts, business mentors, and key figures in the Russian business landscape.

Each course is carefully designed with up-to-date, relevant content delivered by esteemed speakers, ensuring participants receive cutting-edge knowledge and insights. Our courses, ranging from two to five months, are structured around the case method to facilitate the real-time application of expert knowledge to your strategic goals.

Course features include group online workshops, webinars, practical tasks, and continuous interaction with experts via an open chat — allowing for in-depth discussions on personal and peer projects. Our curriculum is supported by exclusive articles and video tutorials, with each session accompanied by a comprehensive summary.

Alpina.Academy adapts to the ever-changing business environment, offering flexible and timely expertise tailored to current market needs.